Eleven Bottles of French Pineau des Charentes

Eleven Bottles of French Pineau des Charentes

Often referred to simply as Pineau, this French aperitif is a fortified wine produced using fresh or fermented grape juice as well as a Cognac eau de vie, then further matured in oak. Eau de Vie is a distilled fruit brandy (not from grapes). These bottles were most likely given as gifts to the guests of L'Hotel des Pyrénées, as the hand written label reads, "With the best wishes from the Hotel of the Pyrénées." Fortified wine, when stored properly, can last decades, possibly even centuries, thanks to its high sugar content and higher alcohol level (from the brandy). This sweet, more alcoholic wine is enjoyed in Western France, but is less known throughout the rest of France and the world. 






6 7/8"H x 2 1/4"Diameter