English 19th Century Portable Boot Scraper & Pan

English 19th Century Portable Boot Scraper & Pan

Before entering the house one would have to remove all the mud, grime and other undesirable material from their boot ware as most of the roads and the unsanitary conditions left much to be desired. The boot scraper was certainly an essential item so that the rubbish would not be deposited on the carpets or polished floor boards. There were three types of scrapers, however the portable scraper and pan were most useful. The portable scraper and pan. This popular scraper came in a range of designs however they met their demise when the road and sanitary conditions improved after the turn of the century. With the introduction of the motor car, scrapers almost became a thing of the past at the front door. However they were still employed at the back door to remove the mud after a visit to the outhouse, clothes line or vegetable garden. By the 1940's these scrapers had been replaced with coiled or coconut mats.






6 1/2"H x 15 1/2"W x 11 3/4"D