French 19th Century Walnut Rafraîchissoir

French 19th Century Walnut Rafraîchissoir

Easily one of the most fun pieces of furniture made, the rafraîchissoir is a small side table designed for "refreshment", and our 19th century French walnut piece is no exception. Outfitted with two newly created copper wine bucket inserts, this little table is ready for brunch. Keep wine chilled and champagne cold for mimosas conveniently in this table designed for service. The undertier shelf and single drawer provide additional storage for glasses, bottles, and accessories. The marble top is more forgiving of spills and makes a great serving area. When the party is over, the rafraîchissoir can be used as a side table where it is certain to strike up many conversations. 






26 7/8"H x 17 1/4"W x 15"D