Italian Interiors-From Radical to Romance


What sort of atmosphere is conjured for you when you think of Italy? For many, they see the provincial Tuscan vineyards that are featured so preciously in film and still others think of Fellini’s Dolce Vita and his distinctly Roman misadventures. What world, if given the chance, would you choose to inhabit?

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Sunday Shop is a sterling, condensed version of the designer’s comprehensive aesthetic; a finespun mix of trailblazing and tradition. Stitched into this is the easiness they aim to offer clients and passerby alike, in fact ease may be their MO.

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Unraveling The French Mystique

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Have we grown weary of all the glossy magazines advising us on how to replicate French style, French cooking, French kissing? Zut! What is it about this culture that makes everyone so covetous? We may have some ideas…

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These days we are seeing kitchens that you could mistake for the interior of the Millennium Falcon. While I think these kitchens certainly have a place in design, very few of my friends and colleagues are comfortable with such a stark look. Always, balance is the answer to everything. We can have beautiful built-in custom cabinetry but then why not even the scales with a gorgeous one of a kind butcher block for extra counter-top space?

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How does the species of wood relate to history; how can we use this information to help us date and care for our hallmark pieces? You can surprise yourself with how engrossing this can be. Another good question to ask yourself is: why was this particular lumber used and what are the identifying markers? There are volumes written on this topic but for our purposes we wanted to break it down to only the most essential and accessible, ie: What you will run across when scouring your hood for antiques.

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French Empire style was heavily influenced by Imperial Rome and used as a kind of architectural propaganda to reflect a liberated and enlightened France. The design proselytized an egalitarian almost populist message; every flourish should command an austere orderliness and balance to the world.

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It’s Christmas and your Mama doesn’t want another scarf…


My favorite thing about Christmas is that it asks you to put yourself aside for the holiday. Ideally, with Christmas, the focus is on others. It’s now accepted science that doing for others has been proven to increase your Serotonin/Oxytocin levels (essentially feel good brain food) maybe that’s why we herald Christmas as the eternal apogee of holidays. That’s my pollyanna theory about Christmas anyway. And a vacation from your own cluttered mind? For me, I say book it!

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Buying Trips: A Q&A


When I get a new Veranda Magazine or The World of Interiors, I get a familiar flush of giddiness that seems to come no matter how many years creep by. At this stage, I’ve learned a couple of things and one of them is that I will forever be captivated by the universe of interior design and even more specifically, antiques. I wonder to myself, what it’s like to be a buyer and go on these procuring trips.

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Tablescapes to be Truly Thankful for


It’s the second most wonderful time of the year. I jest; Thanksgiving isn’t second to anybody, at least not for me. It’s all the family, all the food, and all the gratefulness, without the embarrassing consumerism that can be Christmas. It’s boots crunching on the newly fallen leaves…more every day. It’s the smell of something always in the oven and (if you’re lucky) children laughing (or screaming). However, the privilege of hosting such an anticipated day can come with some head-scratchers. For instance, how do I create a festive dining experience that’s not overwrought or silly looking?

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5 tips for achieving a stellar gallery wall


From the hastily thrown up to the laboriously curated, why is it that gallery walls are so satisfying? Could it be we’ve finally grown weary of all the stark minimalism? And yet, there is something so modern about this look. The perennial Diana Vreeland would say, “The eye has to move” and we agree, with a bouncing gaze, a great room hypnotizes; it can leave you breathless and thinking about changing your lifestyle to fit the space. A great gallery wall can help in this blissful work of creating an interior worth changing for and keeping your eyes invested is key.

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