What sort of atmosphere is conjured for you when you think of Italy? For many, they see the provincial Tuscan vineyards that are featured so preciously in film and still others think of Fellini’s Dolce Vita and his distinctly Roman misadventures. What world, if given the chance, would you choose to inhabit? Italian Interiors strike away from the prescribed in the way they deviate from universal trends in favor of what is regionally informed. In Italy, the life you lead will dictate what style you gravitate towards and that is based on where you call home. For example, what you see in a Florentine’s apartment is not what you will find at a villa in Naples. We have an ocean between the styles and will backstroke our way from an antiquarian’s take to a strict modernist’s. Italy boasts of the most envied framework the world over but how they preserve their architecture is always carefully reviewed and used to support the clients locale defined life.  So, from radical to romance; a much abbreviated list of our favorite Italian designers and the varying client’s and regions they have accommodated so well.  Which region articulates your day-dreams?


Naples, Italy -Photo Credit: Architectural Digest -Studio Peregalli


Photo Credit: Architectural Digest -Studio Peregalli


Brescia, Italy -Photo Credit: AD France -Studio Peregalli


Milan, Italy -Photo Credit -Architectural Digest -Studio Peregalli


Michele Bonan’s Florence Apartment


Michele Bonan’s Florence Apartment




Rome, Italy -Achille Salvagni


Rome, Italy -Achille Salvagni


Rome, Italy -Achille Salvagni

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Florence, Italy – Filippo Carandini


Florence, Italy -Filippo Carandini


Florence, Italy -Filippo Carandini

In which Italian city do you want your scene filmed? All of the above? We don’t have to choose, surely.


Written by Fireside Antiques