My favorite thing about Christmas is that it asks you to put yourself aside for the holiday. Ideally, with Christmas, the focus is on others. It’s now accepted science that doing for others has been proven to increase your Serotonin/Oxytocin levels (essentially feel good brain food) maybe that’s why we herald Christmas as the eternal apogee of holidays. When we are frantically out there trying to buy gifts, our thoughts are consistently trained on others. They recommend doing this kind of compassion work in certain forms a transcendental meditation. It re-calibrates your empathy tank and gives you a break from your exhausting self.  That’s my pollyanna theory about Christmas anyway.  And a vacation from your own cluttered mind? For me, I say book it!

Ok, here’s the thing and I’m going to stake my reputation on this claim.  If you have a person in your life that is interested in interiors or style I can promise you that they would prefer a more thoughtful, personal present rather than say, an Ipad. Maybe I’m just surrounding myself in my own personal echo chamber but the ladies in my life like antiques. They can be expensive…I know, but do keep in mind that you don’t have to buy an enfilade.  There are a myriad of choices that can work in even the Scrooge-iest budget.  Have you ever seen someone’s face light up when they open up a gift of cashmere socks? Me neither. I see closed lipped, polite smiles. Don’t mistake me, I’m sure they are happy for your efforts and maybe even mildly pleased about the socks but… it’s an impersonal gift. Please allow me to humbly point out what your other options are.fiveWreath(11)-Black

pillowsWe’ve already devoted a blog entry to this paragon of pillows; Proprietor, Rebecca Vizard and we’ve a choice assortment of her pillows. Featuring most prominently here at Fireside, are her embroidery applique and stump work cushions. We can’t get enough. They instantly elevate anything they touch. Throw pillows are among the rarefied few accessories that can make or break a space and with Rebecca’s treasures, you’re in the best hands in the business. Psst! We also have signed copies of her new book ‘Once Upon A Pillow’.


Owner and Designer Rebecca Vizard and a cover of her new book ‘Once Upon a Pillow’



Clockwise from top left: Designer Annelle Primos, Designer Phoebe Howard, Designer Gerrie Bremermann, Designer Annelle Primos Via- Architectural Digest



Antique Textile Pillows by B. Viz Designs 1. $990.002. $745.00, 3. $2,450.00, 4. $2,420, 5. $2,695.00, 6. $910.00, 7. $825.0


They can be in run-down or pristine shape but there is no way to fail with these statuettes. They are a portal to history and look good just about anywhere they’re stationed.


Via- World of Interiors, Designer John Derian

statuettes1. French 19th century figure of a lady sitting $250.00, 2. Pair of 19th century winged angels $2,995.00, 3. Italian statue of saint $575.00, 4. Pair of 19th century Italian hand painted Putti statues $2,995.00, 5. Vintage Greek Terra Cotta Statue $425.00, 6. French 19th century copper figurines $450.00


 Interior design is incredibly varied. One day you are moving walls and ripping up sheet rock and the next you are arranging a side table. Believe it or not, sometimes the latter can be more intimidating. A seemingly simple side table or bookcase can be transformed into your calling card; a vehicle to showcase your style. For our part, we like to feature an antique box or two, a set of books, and an urn perhaps? These images below whet our imagination to a range of possibilities.

Clockwise from top right: Via- Lee Stanton Antiques, Via- Niall Smith, Designer Shutze Interiors


Designer Charles Parmenter, Designer Collins Interiors

It's Christmas and your Mama doesn't want another scarf...

1. English 19th century detailed inlay box $495.00, 2. English Encyclopedia set $175.00, 3. English 19th century brass & wood box $985.00, 4. French 19th century spelter & marble clock $1,300.00, 5. Brass bamboo cache pot $295.00, 6. Italian reproduction metal urn basket $250.00,  7. Syrian 19th century inlay box $1,495.00, 8. Set of 15 volumes by Gustaf Froding Stockholm $695.00, 9. Vintage mother of pearl box $250.00, 10. Swedish set of 14 volumes by Selma Lagerlof $450.00, 11. English 19th century walnut inlay box $350.00, 12. English 19th century writing box $2,350.00, 13.  English 19th century tea caddy box with ivory $1,995.00


 We don’t know whether it’s the cocktail that’s back or just drinking in general but people are in the mood to party and what’s more is that they want all the accouterments that come with entertaining.  Things we’d include are a beautiful corkscrew, a nice vintage, and a decanter or two.  Below are some vignettes of home bars that ignited our own hosting fires.



Via- And George, Designer Gracie Interiors



1. English 19th century cut crystal decanters $650.00,  2. French Calvados decanter from Normany $325.00, 3. Smaller French Calvados decanter $325.00, 4. Pair of French 1920’s etched wine decanters $350.00,  5. English pair of 19th century lidded decanters $795.00

Mama, wants a decanter for Christmas

Private home featured in House Beautiful, Photo by Adam Jablonski for Rue Magazine, Via- Palo-Y- Pelota


French horn & steel corscrew $95.00, Heartshaped 4-finger pull corscrew $125.00,  All-steel ‘Picon’ 2-finger straight pull $125.00, Cellar-man’s 3-finger straight pull $120.00, All steel 2-finger straight pull $95.00


 If you want to craft a space that is truly one of a kind, reach no further than the beautiful utilitarian tools of yesteryear.  You decide what to do with them. You can use discarded 18th century wine kegs and wire it to serve as a lamp base! Or, even easier is to use one as a vessel. Stick an olive branch or two inside and call it a day. The wine pickers also make gorgeous planters or vases.

Wine tools of yesterday. Clockwise from to left: Via- The highboy, Via- 1st Dibs, Fireside Antiques Pinterest, Via-Decor De Provence, Design by Greenouse Studio


1. French 19th century mouth-blown glass wine keg $275.00, 2. French olive colored traveling wine keg $395.00, 3. French painted Merlot wine keg $650.00, 4. French green glass wine keg $550.00, 5. 11 bottles of French Pineau des Charentes $500.00, 6. French 19th century grape pickers hod $650.00, 7. Pair of French 18th century tole Champagne buckets $2,995.00, 8. English pair of tole wine coasters $595.00, 9. French reproduction grape pickers hod $460.00

If we don’t get to see you, we hope you have the happiest Christmas season! Thank you so much for your business and we will see you in 2017!


Written by Fireside Antiques